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                Vizhinjam is a coastal Town in Capital City of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram), South India. Vizhinjam, ‘Port of the Future’ is located at 8021’N and 770 0’ E on the west coast of India

                     This also opens up avenues for bunkering (re-fueling) of ships as well as ship-repair. Between three and six container berths here could serve as a starting point for an international trans-shipment hub.

Consider that Colombo alone currently handles over 1.5 million containers a year, and it has actually run out of capacity! The container traffic into and out of Indian ports has sharply increased to over 2.5 million units today. The trans-shipment market is clear and wide open. On the crude transshipment front, a land based transshipment facility with a storage complex and docking piers, will reduce turn around time for ships as well result in a significant fall in the import price of crude passing through here. We also have to remember that crude oil is India's single biggest import and that the Vizhinjam site lies very close to the main Persian Gulf - Far East shipping lanes used by most supertankers. Finally, Vizhinjam has yet another ace up its sleeve in the fact that it requires very little maintenance dredging, due to its sheltered location. Similarly, unlike East coast ports or those in Gujarat, the Kerala coast suffers comparatively little disruption from cyclone activity.